Best Violin and Violin Accessories in 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Playing the Violin

Buying a violin is an expensive and serious decision that violinists have to make a few times throughout their lives. To an inexperienced person, violins may look the same but they are not. They all come with different features and each kind is ideal for a particular set of individuals. The influx of various violin … Read more

Best Electric Violins for All Skill Levels

Three Best Electric Violins for All Skill Levels

Electric violins have gained popularity in recent years. Though nonelectric violins are generally preferred by most violinists since they are convenient and a classic instrument, electric violins tend to be more powerful once connected to an amplifier and therefore we are seeing the increasing in popularity. There are different types of electric violins. You can … Read more

Three Best Beginner Violins

Three Best Beginner Violins

While all violins serve the same purpose more or less, some violins are better suited for beginners and others are better suited for experts.Choosing the best violin for your needs as a beginner is the difference between a worthwhile learning experience and a difficult one. In this article, we?ll be reviewing three of the best … Read more