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Good and Affordable Violin Bags for Beginner and Intermediate Violin Players

A good violin case for easy travel and protection and durability

A good violin case is essential for players of all levels. Nowadays, most violin case makers opt for  luxurious materials to swaddle your beloved violin and in style. They also shape the rugged shells that shield the delicate instrument from the outside world.

The work of the violin case is to deliver protection to the musical instrument, which they do so excellently. If you have purchased a violin without the bag, you must look for one that will ensure that the instrument is safe during the time of transport or when you are not playing it. Choosing the right case for your instrument can be challenging as there are so many options available.

But, there is hope. As the owner of the instrument, you will have to choose the violin’s first line of protection. So, having a good understanding of some of the basic elements will help you choose the right violin case for your instrument.

The Best and Affordable Violin Bag

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the best violin bags. These bags or cases will not only deliver outstanding protection to your instrument but also keep your violin in excellent condition and prevent any damage from occurring for years to come. We have listed some of the best violin bags below.

1. Protect Pro Tec MX044MT 4/4 Violin Shape MAX Case

The Protect Pro Tec is a violin case that delivers excellent protection and value. This particular violin case is created with an ultra-light EPS foam frame, which will diverge the impact. The violin bag also comes with a soft plush interior lining, soft violin blanket, 2 bow clips, and suspension padding. The case is pretty durable, and placing your instrument in it will not cause any unwanted issues.

You will not experience any issues when you opt for this particular violin case. The exteriors of the case are pretty tough, so the chances of any external or internal damage are low. Also, it will not break very easily, even if you accidentally drop it.

The best thing about this violin bag is that it comes with a zipper pocket on the outside, where you can store all your music books and other necessary items.


  • Material: Shock-absorbing foam frame
  • Item weight: 3.83 pounds
  • Item model number: MX044MT
  • Color: Mint
  • Size: 4/4

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  • Comes with a non-abrasive and soft interior lining
  • The case has a neck-secure strap that delivers stability
  • The case has a tough 600D nylon exterior
  • Has large front zipper pockets and a small accessory zipper pouch
  • It also comes with a dual-colored handle created with a double padded handle wrap
  • Equipped with removable backpack strap, adjustable shoulder strap, and subway handle
  • The case also has durable molded rubber feet and custom molded zippers


  • The shoulder rest and various other accessories are stored in an external bag
  • It is only ideal for violins that fall under the 4/4 size
  • The case is not ideal for a 14 to a 15-inch violin



2. Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shape MAX Case

The Protect MX044 violin bag is unique and easy to carry. It will hold on to your instrument well and deliver the protection it needs. If you are looking for a violin case in a budget, the Protect MX044 is the right one for you. It’s a value for money and available at an amazing price. Since it stands out as a budget model, it lacks some of the features and strengths.

The entire case is well-constructed, and thanks to its sturdy and strong frame, it will absorb all the shocks with no issues and keep your instrument in the best condition. The interiors also come with excellent sides and will deliver good protection to your instrument. It has a strong strap that provides a firm hold and keeps the violin secured.

The violin case is ideal for violin players of all ages, and since the case is lightweight, you experience no discomfort or irritation when carrying it. If the case has become dirty, with a damp cloth, you can clean it.


  • Material Type: Fabric
  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: B001BAJO3C
  • Product dimensions: 32 x 6 x 13 inches

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  • You can easily carry it around like a backpack
  • Has room for various accessories
  • It’s very strong and durable
  • The case will deliver excellent protection


  • It’s a budget model for which it’s made of cheaper materials
  • The case doesn’t come with a water resistance technology
  • Do not have any high-quality lock system



The Buying Guide

Buying a violin bag that matches perfectly with your taste and budget can be pretty hard to find. To make it easier for you, we have created a buying guide. This will make it easier for you to opt for the case that you need. Look below!

  • Violin case that is affordable: When you are looking for a violin case that falls under your budget, you can opt for the Protec MX044. The violin case is available at a price that you can afford, and you do not have to provide anything additional or extra for it. Even though it’s available at a low price, it will deliver an excellent performance.
  • For extra storage space: Choosing the Protec Pro Tec MX044MT will not allow you to provide maximum protection to your instrument. But you will get extra storage space. The storage space comes in the form of zipper pockets, which you will find both inside and outside. You can easily carry all your music and violin-related products and items along with headphones, smartphones, and even tablets.


We hope that this particular product review is helpful enough to provide you with a basis for choosing the best violin case that suits your taste and budget. If the products mentioned in this article are not up to your liking, you are free to check out other product reviews that are available by clicking here.