The Best Violin Buying Guide

Having originated in Italy, the violin today is widely recognized by many people and is used as an art form and cultural expression all around the world. The violin is undoubtedly a very unique but challenging instrument.

Throughout the period of the violin’s existence, many people have learned how to master the craft of producing a wonderful variety of sounds that this instrument has to offer. Time and time again it serves as an iconic symbol of classical music that represents a long-lasting art and a form of expression.

Do you believe in the eternity of art with an admirable, everlasting beauty? Let us help guide you through our selection of the top six best violin choices in the musical world today.

Six Best Violin Choices

Our violin reviews in this particular buying guide will provide the reader with a sufficient amount of knowledge and information. This buying guide is necessary for helping you choose the best suitable violin for an affordable price.

Keep in mind that our selection provides you with fairly cheap and economic options based on the quality of the product. This means that it is possible that you find something cheaper on your own, however it may be of a lesser quality.

In the end, it is not worth investing in something that is very cheap yet low in quality. Low quality products will eventually demand to be replaced, causing frustration and wasted time to the consumer. Our reviews on each individual violin provides customers with pros, cons, and other useful information to aid in the violin purchasing process.

Ultimately we have created this buying guide, to provide you with a selection of the best choices of good quality violins for exceptional value. We want to make sure that customers are able to choose the most suitable violin for their musical journey without going over their budget.

1. The SKYVN201 Violin Package

Our first choice is the SKY N201 student/beginner violin package. This violin comes with a complete set, including a triangular lightweight case, a high-quality shoulder rest, and a double pearl-eyed brazilwood bow. It’s a professionally set up violin with a solid highly-flamed maple back, neck, scroll, sides, and solid spruce top.

It has a beautiful solid maple-wood-made fingerboard and chinrest making this instrument very easy to handle. The tailpiece is also made from maple wood along with a high-quality built-in tuner. The set also includes a high-quality Austrian rosin case. This amazing looking maple wood violin offers everything a future violinist will need to learn the basics of violin playing.



  • High-quality steel strings
  • Affordable
  • High-quality shoulder rest
  • High-quality rosin
  • Rubber practice mute
  • Available in many different sizes
  • One-year warranty



  • No violin stand included


2. Mendini MV400 Violin

The Mendini MV400 violin is a beautiful instrument with exuberant designs and flamboyant colors. It has a bright and vibrant tone that carries extremely cool and energetic sounds.

This violin is responsive and easy to handle, making it very suitable for beginners with little-to-no experience. In addition, the MV400 comes with a professionally designed chinrest that will provide the violinist with comfort during playing.

Accessories That Come with the MV400: 

  • Celicio chromatic tuner
  • Very useful lesson book
  • Lightweight hard case with backpack and shoulder straps allowing mobility
  • An additional set of violin strings
  • Two Brazilian wood bows with unbleached horsehair
  • Two violin bridges
  • Shoulder rest with soft foam padding and soft rubber feet


  • Ebony fingerboard
  • One-year warranty
  • Extra strings and bow
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • Bright and energetic sound
  • Additional bridge
  • Cecilio chromatic tuner


3. Amazon Basics Beginner Violin Bundle

A perfect choice for those above eleven years old (adults included) who want to learn how to play a violin. This bundle contains all the features that are necessary to get started.

This 4/4 full-sized violin is made of a solid spruce top with beautifully carved-out curves and a solid maple neck, sides, and back. Plus, this violin has a preferred ebony fingerboard, a good chinrest, pegs, and a tailpiece made of metal.

This bundle also includes:

  • A solid wood bow with unbleached horsehair
  • Additional strings
  • A tuner
  • Quality rosin
  • Lightweight violin case with pockets and backpack straps, which make transport easier



  • Extra strings
  • Quality durable rosin
  • Black, red, and natural
  • Easy transport
  • Maple and spruce materials (both main violin materials)
  • One year warranty



  • Only designed for people above eleven years old
  • No shoulder rest included


4. The Vangoa Violin

The Vangoa violin is one of our top choices for a reason. It has an old, quality spruce top and a maple side, back, and neck. The dense ebony fingerboard guarantees you won’t have paint rubbed off onto your hands. Plus, the nice ebony fittings secure this instrument’s longevity.

Items included in this set:

  • Lightweight hard case with pockets allowing comfortable and easy transport
  • Brazilian wood bow (unbleached horse hair)
  • Beginner handbook guide
  • Additional strings
  • High-quality rosin
  • High-quality tuner
  • Shoulder rest and a pickup



  • Solid wood
  • Great sound
  • Shoulder rest included
  • Reliable quality
  • Practical outfit
  • The numerous additional accessories help customers save time and money
  • Forty-five-day guarantee



  • Only one size as an option


5. JMFinger Violin Full-Size Handcrafted Acoustic

This is a unique thoroughly handmade 4/4 full-sized violin, which is built of quality material The body top, back, and sides are all made of solid basswood. This material is very light and fairly soft wood that helps produce fat yet well-balanced tonality.

The neck is made of one of the most common materials, maple wood. The fingerboard and the bridge are made of high quality redwood. The violin’s tailpiece is made of ebony material, plus this violin has Brazil wood and an ebony frog bow.

Finally, the material used for the strings is quality alloy steel. Additional accessories are a lightweight case and rosin.



  • High-quality material (maple wood, ebony, redwood etc.)
  • Lovely and pleasant sound
  • Brown or light brown
  • Practical outfit
  • One-year warranty



  • No shoulder rest included
  • Only one size available


6. Aliyes Violin Designed Beginners Students Full Size

This amazing violin is made of solid spruce wood material that is really good for the top. It has an exquisitely painted body that produces bright, quality sounds. The ebony fingerboard, and chin rest are made high quality, and the alloy tailpiece has four tuners installed. The strings are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy.

This set also comes with a good and tested lightweight triangle case and a Brazilian-wood bow. Plus it includes a quality horsetail, ebony frog, suede pad, and cupronickel winding.



  • Wonderful sound
  • High-quality materials (spruce, ebony, maple)
  • Very good starter package
  • One year warranty



  • No shoulder rest included


Buying Guidefor Best Violin

As a beginner it can be extremely difficult to buy a good violin since there is a broad spectrum of options out there. Our intentions are to ease your research by guiding you through the process of choosing. Important things to remember to look out for when buying a violin are listed below.


This is the most important thing. Of course, there are better instruments than others, and you will need a quality instrument to start with. To confirm the sound quality, it is recommended that you play on all the strings at once.


Quality strings won’t compensate for a bad instrument, however, having high-quality strings will definitely make a difference. If the strings are not of a high quality, the buyer should change them out for better ones.


Violins designed for beginners often come in a complete set of bow, case, rosin etc. As the violinist’s skills steadily improve, they will need a new bow since the equipment, although very practical, is not the most expensive and, therefore, not of the highest quality.

Taking care of the equipment is vital. The bow is gentle, and you should make sure to loosen it when finished playing. The hair is tied in a knot on the tip of the bow, and you should remember, if a hair breaks out you never pull it off, but instead cut it with scissors.


It’s important to know that rosin gets old with time. If it seems dry and not sticky then it’s old. Also, if you have rosin on your fingers, don’t touch the horsehair bow or the violin strings.

Violins are similar to people in that every violin can sound and feel different. This applies to all the string instruments, but this is especially true of violins. When you go to buy a violin, make sure to ask someone who has a string-instrument specialist background.

Always look for professionals who know a lot about this instrument and have a substantial amount of experience. These professionals will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect violin for you.

Even in the case of not being able to consult a professional or finding this process difficult, there is always a solution. Online purchase is always a good option for many reasons. There are a lot of cheaper choices out there.

The amount of selection and variety can be quite overwhelming, but you must ensure you are well informed before buying. For this reason, we are offering you our selection of the six best violins that we chose for six different popular reasons.

  • As the best, most affordable bargain, our choice is Aliyes. This violin is ranked as one the most budget friendly and economical violin choices for customers. While it may not be the most luxurious option, violin customers can still expect superb quality for an affordable and reasonable price.
  • The best violin for kid’s starters is the Jm Finger violin. This is the most appropriate of options for kids starters. This violin is especially designed for kids to learn and fully incorporate the professional techniques of playing a violin. This includes posture, hand placement, finger placement, chin placement, and proper bow movements.
  • The best violin for adult beginners is Amazon Basics Beginner Violin Bundle. Unlike the Jm Finger, this violin is designed for people that are above eleven years old. This includes adults, of course, allowing beginners to quickly establish suitable posture.
  • If you are looking for the best sounding violin out of our top choices, then that is definitely the Vangoa violin. This instrument is regarded as the best sounding one because of its mellifluous sounds. However, many people have a different taste and sound preferences. Fortunately, each violin selected for this guide produces different unique sounds giving customers more options.
  • The Mendini MV400 violin is picked as one of best violin choices mainly for its practical equipment. Anyone would like an extra set of parts within their purchase, and that is why this violin is our pick. The MV400 set comes with an additional bow, an extra set of strings, and an extra bridge. On the other hand, the lesson book is really helpful, especially for those who are trying to learn how to play the violin on their own.
  • The SKYVN201 violin package is the perfect choice for musical students. It is an adequate pick to start mastering your skills and a very good bargain for those who are seeking durable instruments. The reliable quality will make it hard to damage the violin and, therefore, will save the buyer money, time, and effort from replacing any part of the set.

Final Word

We hope you will find these reliable and honest reviews helpful. They will guide and serve you as a great tool as you find and choose the best violin suitable for your musical needs.

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